I'm a photographer, but who isn't? I'm also a graphic designer, though not too graphic. My toolbox is both digital and analog. I'm an editor; I write copy but I never copy others' writing. I only speak one language, but I speak it very well. I'm a creative director; if you've got a brand, I've got a strategy. I make short movies. I do not bake cookies. I draw inspiration, mostly in ink (pencils lack commitment). Poetry and rhyme, that's me all the time. Let's see, what else... it's very possible that I've been using Photoshop longer than you've been alive. I'm also one of the top Mortal Kombat players in the world, and I dare you to doubt it. Anyway, thanks for visiting! I hope you explore the galleries and like what you see. And don't be shy, say hi. 

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