A photograph is a powerful thing, more than we recognize anymore. Oversaturated with them, we take photos for granted. But they’re more than film and pixels, they’re frozen slices of time, preserving memories far beyond their natural shelf life. When a person takes many pictures over many years, the collection slowly becomes a time machine with greater and greater reach. Prospero Creative specializes in high-end post production, mixing traditional photography with digital color and composite techniques. The results are images that less acurately capture the moment as they do the dream-like feeling of memory: soft, saturated, and full of fond, questionable detail.


    Mother Nature is, undisputedly, the greatest artist. Her prolific genius surrounds and inspires us, offering new lessons the closer we look. She is the ever-dependable muse, counted on by countless generations and reliable in the very darkest of times.

    There is much to be learned from our animal friends, and they are generally my favorite subjects. They lead by quiet example, patient and wise. Prospero Creative is a strong supporter of animal rights and conservatory efforts, convinced that fanaticism is not a requirement for greater harmony.